Monday, July 23, 2007

Then I Woke Up and It Was Only A Dream...

A dream Barb had sometime between 7:OO and 9:30 pm, Sunday, July 22, 2007 - as related by Barb... pretty much kidding.

"So I dreamed Johhny Cash was still alive - which wasn't news 'cuz in my dream he never died - but he got lost. He was wandering around and somehow found his way into my bedroom. So I slept with him while my sister-wife watched. Then I dreamed there was a mouldy patch in my bedroom carpet and I looked under it and there were turtles living there. For some reason I thought my brother would like some turtles so I called him. He was supposed to be in the area, but he didn't show up fast enough. Then Tony Bennett got lost and wandered into my room. I asked him if he wanted the turtles but he wasn't very interested. Then I slept with him while my sister-wife watched. I asked my sister-wife if this bothered her because she was a Christian. She said 'no' but I didn't believe her. Oh yeah, then one of the turtles got stuck to my face."


Anonymous said...

Remember that Christmas when Pil got everyone tickets to see Johnny Cash in the Clemens Memorial Conference Room and Gala Auditorium, and Sailor Pete said it was the most magical Christmas he'd ever seen?

Gee I miss Phil

Barb said...

Mark, you are a freak.

Anonymous said...

I know not this Mark you speak of

You will not cheapen the time we spent around Phil

barb said...

You can't fool me Mark.
Nice try though.