Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Review Of The Jason Isbell Concert at The El Mocombo...

...that doesn't really contain any artistic insights. Or whether you would have liked it. Or anything other than calling George a PUSSY and bragging about our heroic intake of cocktails.

8:50 pm : Neal and I decide we should phone George and remind him I made a special trip to Toronto to see this show -- all the while having drinks.

8:51 pm : Drinks are had.

8:54 pm : George is phoned. He says he will phone back.

8:57 pm : More drinks are had.

9:16 pm : George shows up while drinks are being had. He says he can not attend the show, but will join us in drinks. He brings no drinks of his own.

9:18 pm 'til 10:56 pm : Neal makes George overly elaborate, two-assed drinks while I hold court in the back yard; speaking of literature and cinema and other things I pretend to know about.

10:57 pm : I mention we should head to the club. I think I also tell them that 'women never really faint and villians always blink their eyes and children are the only ones that blush and that life is just to die'. I, unfortunately, sometimes think that I am Lou Reed when I am in the grip of the grape.

10:58 pm : More drinks are had. George is once again called a PUSSY.

11:19 pm : Neal and I head out for the show, George heads home as the chant of "Georgie, Georgie, he is gay ... not in the sexual but informal way" ring through Neal's street. Neal's neighbours, save one surprising exception, are not amused.

11:27 pm - 12:14 am : We arrive at the show at half-time. We make our way in -- cover chargeless -- and order drinks. They are not of the stregnth we require. We try again, hoping it was just a bad pour. It was not. We order wine as it is harder to short-pour.

12:01 am - 1:03 am : Here the time line grows fuzzy. Two or three glasses of wine are consumed. The show commenced at some point. I enjoyed it. I bought the album 'Sirens Of The Ditch". You should buy it too.

1:04 am - The show ends and Neal suggests heading for stronger drink.

1:09 am - Sometime Before 2:00 am - My God! They serve ridiculously strong whiskey-based drinks at this bar. The bartender has huge tits and shows them off as a tip-gathering tool. It works. I'm pretty sure I left 14 extra bucks on the table.

Around 2:00 am - We call a cab and return home. Here it grows hazy. Drinks may have been had when we got home. I found half a 7-11 chicken pita thing in the fridge the next day. Due to Neal's dietary restrictions, it must have been mine. I think I listened to a book on Neal's computer that told me Romanian gypsies often name their children Engmarlen in honour of Engels, Marx and Lenin.
I hope, for the gypsy childrens' sake, it was a dream.

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