Monday, February 2, 2009

On A Positive Note ...

Danny Michel played the same venue, later that week. I loved that show more than I -- see below -- hated the previous gig.
It was one of those times I wondered why I was being paid.
Terri, if you read this, I still expect to be paid.

Click the title to go to his website.

On his Wikipedia page, Danny Michel is described as "Tom Waits meets Cheap Trick."
I didn't find the analogy completely true ... but it sounds awesome, doesn't it?
I'm willing to cut the critic some slack. "Writing about music," as Frank Zappa said, "is like dancing about architecture."
That said ... all four of the faithful readers who take my advice about music ... and everyone else who ends up here looking for Simpsons quotes or ridiculous aircraft plans (I'm looking at you, Roger) ... should buy his music and attend his shows.
He is so good I almost feel bad for mentioning him in such an unsavoury blog.


Cory said...

Nice tunes..and do realize that this makes you officially old. For not rocking out to the kid metal bands and prefering the alt country folk sounding stuff are not being judged just pointing it out.

Neal Bridgens said...

Oh - he's the Feather, Fur and Fin guy... the CBC has him on about once a week. He's great. Full points old man.