Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Eleven Drinking Songs You Have To Download Right Now...

...or when you get home from work. I'm flexible.

Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down - Merle Haggard
Streams of Whiskey - The Pogues
The Piano Has Been Drinking - Tom Waits
You're Not Drinking Enough - Don Henley
Here Comes A Regular - The Replacements
Beer Ain't Drinkin' - Mojo Nixon
Hungover Together - The Supersuckers
My Drinkin' Problem - Hank III
What Made Milwaukee Famous - Jerry Lee Lewis
Whiskey and Wimmen - John Lee Hooker
Women Without Whiskey - Drive-By Truckers


Anonymous said...

Don Henley? Really? You are turning into a pussy hipster.

Brian said...

Yeah I know but screw you, too puusified to leave your name. It's a pretty good song.

Brian said...

I've stopped liking what other rock snobs tell me i should like. Quit being a sheep.

Brian said...


Brian said...

No, you're right. I have become kind of a pussy. Sorry for my drunken outburst.