Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every Woman Has The Right To Be Fabulous...

( ed. note This is an excellent example of Brian being drunk and self-righteous. While he hates the idea of North American women fighting for the right to be fabulous while Afghani women fight for the right to be educated, he has done nothing to fix the problems of inequality or poverty. You may mock Brian, but that doesn't make what he drunkenly wrote less true.
In his defense, he once sent some old winter coats he didn't need anymore to Africa by Fed Ex but they found this somewhat puzzling and mostly insulting.)

... says the recent Bay advertisement.
I'm sure that's a relief to every female in Darfur.
It's no wonder people in Third-World countries hate North Americans. (Quit being so smug, Canadians. They hate you too.)
I don't begrudge any woman the right to look fabulous ... I just think we should secure the right for any woman ... or man, for that matter ... to have clean drinking water first. Maybe we can work on arable land or rudimental medicine for everyone before we stage a march for soccer moms looking good in their khakis.
The right to a basic educations vs. cute belly-shirts for all. Hmm... The right to wear a thong, if you feel like it, vs. the right not to have to wear a veil, if you don't feel like it. The right to lose fifteen pounds to fit into your high-school jeans vs. the right to gain fifteen pounds and not die of malnutrition.
Maybe it's time we worried less about our beautiful, oh-so-sexy pant-legs and more about constantly kicking Afica off our beautiful, oh-so-sexy pant-legs.
Sorry. I'll try to be funny next time. Maybe by ripping off Simpsons quotes.

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