Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anger Me!

I've not been posting enough lately.
I've thought long and hard (hehehe) about why and I think I've come up with the answer. I'm just not angry enough anymore.

For example :

Rather than raising their prices to ride out the world food shortage/shitty economy, major food manufacturers are making the quantities smaller while charging the same amount.
I've noticed the trend ... McCain's ... Oakburn Farms ... I'm looking at you.
Sigh ... I've got nothing except resignation ... That'll happen.

Bell Canada buys The Source by Circuit City stores in Canada, forcing employees to quickly back-track on all the anti-Bell propaganda they were forced to spout while trying to earn enough money to appease original pimp daddy Uncle Ted Rogers (now deceased).
I've got some mild amusement that I no longer work there ... a little empathy for those not smart enough to leave ... that's about it.

We have a Conservative government in Ottawa; We have taser happy Mounties in British Columbia; I have a a drunken Barb who insists on yelling "Hulk Smash" and thumping me on top of the head.
No anger -- no venom -- only a slight headache.
No rants save this one -- Barb, if you don't quit yelling "Hulk Smash" and thumping me on the head ... I will send you to rehab.
You don't read comic books. You've never seen a Hulk movie. Where the hell are you getting this from?

I invite you, Gentle Reader, to try and raise my dander ... so to speak.
Send me the most annoying news stories you have read recently. Share your personal stories of consumer frustration and corporate impotence. If you must, Insult my hygiene, appearance or writing ability.

Please note: if your comment is "Hulk Smash" I will have you committed so fast your head will fucking spin.


Anonymous said...


Niles said...

i just realized the 'The Source' sold epson ink. You could have been stealing that for me.
That pisses me off. And you've lost another fine chance to stick it to the man.
That shit is expensive.

Barb said...

Honey, why do I have to see a Hulk movie to "Hulk Smash"? We all know the only Hulk was Lou Ferrigno. Lou, you are in my heart, today, tomorrow and always. It's an homage.

ACK said...

I have been HULK SMASHING since I was a wee child...I think everyone should give it a go.

Barb said...

THANK you Cory! You're right that everyone should give it a go (though they should bear in mind that only Lou and I are doing it right).