Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Rarely Get To Say This But ...

Good job, America.
Well done.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure that Obama will be able to bring the change he says he will... I am not sure that the US even wants it. What I am sad about is how ugly the campaign was and divided that country is. Not necessarily the actual politicians... I believe most of them fully realize that D or R, they need each other and they have to be able to work together. I am talking about the general public...

A large number of them believe Obama is not American born, is a Muslim and is secretly conspiring with terrorists.

I don't particularly love Sarah Palin, but she has become nothing more than a punchline. Maybe she is, but the sad thing is, she's about the best thing Republicans can find in their own party, and if that's the case, it doesn't bode well for a working, competent opposition (sort of like the Liberals here)..

Surf the internet a bit and I can;t believe the number of people predicting an assassination attempt, even endorsing one...

White or black, I have no doubt that large numbers of people voted for one candidate or the other based on skin color alone. May be their right, but certainly isn't right.

If the USA ever needed a true centrist as head of its government, I'd say it's now if there is to be any kind of healing down there.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was an uplifting commentary.
You must be a real hit at parties.

Aging Hipster said...

Obama may bring the change he said he would, but really doubt he will bring the change elated American liberals claim he will. He's only one dude.
That said -- let them have their moment.
I don't generally admit to having human feelings but I got goose-bumps listening to Barrack Hussein Obama's victory speech. He's a great speaker, a charismatic guy and he was elected President of the United States of America with the name BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.
America is still a polarized country - true dat. Hopefully the assassination wishes is the American
Right Wing's version of 'I'm moving to Canada if we re-elect Bush'. That - for the most part - didn't happen but I guess it only takes one. It would be hard to explain this to an extremist but it would be a very bad strategy. JFK was canonized as a symbol of hope rather than the guy who orchestrated Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs and put Bill Clinton's philandering to shame.
Marilyn Monroe vs. Monica Lewinsky?
You decide.
No disrespect, Ms. Lewinsky, if you're reading. I'd gladly have sexual relations with you. My e-mail address is listed in my profile.
Sarah Palin is a punch-line but she certainly was not the best and brightest the Republican Party had to offer. She was more of a Hail Mary pass.
Still, I suspect we will see more of Sarah Palin - be it in 2012 or in Hustler Magazine.
No disrespect, Ms. Palin, if you're reading. I'd gladly have sexual relations with you. My e-mail address is listed in my profile.
As for America needing a true centrist?
As a politician in America - Obama is considered to be on the left.
As a politician in Canada - He would be a little right of Stephen Harper.
As a politician n Scandanavia - He would be labeled a neo-conservative and shunned by Lapplanders.
As for those people who voted for Barrack Obama solely because he is a black guy? That's a valid point - we wouldn't accept that from honkies voting for a candidate just because he's white. I'm just not sure it works the other way.
That's one for the philosophers I suppose but I'd rather have the shoe on the disenfranchised foot.
Still, valid points and a thoughtful post.

Aging Hipster said...

Please excuse my above grammar and speeling mistakes.

Anonymous said...

truth be told, whether it was Obama or McCain, the President will have a very rough time in the first half of his administration... there's no getting around it, economy sucks, a decision needs to be made in terms of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the politics seems that much more divisive/polarized...

my first post being what it was, I do agree that whether it was racially motivated, or a referendum on the Bush administration, or that an old guy and his naughty secretary-like running mate weren't palatable, or that (heaven forbid) the bulk of people actually thought that the time was right for change and a different party and a younger (and yes even racially diverse) President, I do agree... America as a whole did itself proudly by turning out in large numbers and by rejecting the fearmongers...