Friday, October 5, 2007

A Short Note Thanking Wine...

...For reminding me that, even though I worked twelve hours at a meaningless McJob today ...

There is still music I like.
I'm in the middle of a good book.
I can get lost in my PlayStation.
I have TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW coming up.
I get laid on occasion
I can beat any man east of The Pecos River at bare-knuckle boxing.

Granted, the last one is a delusion created by insomnia, an empty stomach, three Amitriptylne and two bottles of wine.
I won't feel like this tomorrow morning. I know it's kinda stupid to be getting loaded when I have to work in ten hours. Sorry but, if my id had a voice it would sound like Foghorn Leghorn. If my super-ego had a voice, it would sound like Hans Moleman.
I am, you'll be glad to know, drinking lots of water, will take some vitamins and going to bed relatively early.
But, to paraphrase my friend Neal, 'Why have a crappy job if you can't get drunk the night before?'
It's not as bad as we think.

(post script: It is now tomorrow morning. I am at the above job. Reading this does make me feel a little better, despite my mild hangover.
And despite the fact that the cat took a dump on my bedroom floor.
Which I stepped in.
Good times.)

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