Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry I Have Not Posted In A While

I've been getting over extreme tooth pain so:
In the spirit of half-assed malling it in, I present my favourite in-joke punchlines:

Go Team Norsub!

A Skunk fucking a flowery pig!

(not as racist as it sounds)

A man who dismantles his own cat has a fool for a vet.

You've hosed me out of my split-apart!

Why would she french her daddy?
(More of a News Radio punch line ... but I'll allow it)


Really? Pornocolyse Now?

Je suis une grande canard vert dans mon pantalons

Wait ... Be Cool ... He's not gay ... he's just British.


Skipper said...

Still wrestling with the green duck are you?

Jennifer said...

Um, don't you mean, J'ai une grande canard vert dans mons pantalons? I mean how can you be a big green duck in your own pants? Shit. That's just nonsensical. Pamplemouse de cahier!

Skunky said...

I keep trying to tell you, I wasn't FUCKING her, I was just COMFORTING her! I'm sick of being the butt of your jokes, Hipster!